About Muck-Vac

I ordered the Muck Vac pond vacuum and I wanted to feed back to you how
great it performed. I have a 6,000 gallon pond, and it took approx. 45
minutes and the whole bottom was spotless. This is much easier than
draining the entire pond or using a shop vac. Plus my wife collected the
water coming out of the hose into a bucket to put on our plants. Thanks for
carrying such a great product that actually works as advertised.

Erik and Mikie Anderson

I was fortunate to have won your pool vacuum unit “The Odyssey Muck Vac” in a raffle. I used your vacuum unit to clean my Koi pond that is 3 feet deep. It performed extremely well even removing small pebbles. It was easy to start the vacuuming action and easy to use in vacuuming the sediment at the bottom of my pond. It greatly out performed another vacuum unit from another manufacturer that I had previously purchased. You did an excellent job in designing this unit. I would recommend it to any of my friends.

Many thanks,
Vero R. Piacentini
Old Bethpage, NY

KoiVet.com Message Board:
From our experience (and we've tried out just about every pond vac system we've ever heard about)...The one described above with a bag to trap debris is good ONLY for removing large chunks and bits of leaves... the silt/mulm stuff just drips out right through the bag back into the pond.Wet/dry vacs work... but the durn things fill up soooooo quickly that it's a royal pain to do a pond of any size.

The one we've found that works GREAT is called the Muck-Vac. It really works!