1. Attach garden hose to the Muck Vac Body, making sure the ball valve is in the closed position.

2. Attach the telescoping pole end with the plastic sleeve to the Muck Vac body.

3. Attach the vacuum head to the Muck Vac Body. NOTE: The Muck Vac works with or without the vacuum head or brush. Try it both ways to find out what is best for your pond, fountain, spa or pool.

4. Attach the 1-1/4” discharge hose to the other end of the telescoping pole. Be sure the hose cuff is securely on. The unit is complete and ready to start cleaning.

5. Turn on the water supply and place the Muck Vac Head into the body of water that is to be cleaned. Now turn the ball valve to the ON POSITION.

6. The Muck Vac should start to suck the dirty water out immediately UNLESS your water supply pressure is 50 lbs. or less. Then you may need to PRIME unit. PRIMING UNIT: This is done by lowering the discharge end of the pole close to the ground while keeping the other end submerged into the body of water to be cleaned. This should start the power siphon action needed to vacuum efficiently.

7. If #6 is unsuccessful, prime the entire unit by submerging the discharge end of the muck vac hose into the water and allow it to fill up with water.
Holding your hand over the end of the discharge hose cuff, remove from the water and off to the side of the pond. The siphon action should now begin. *

*If you have followed the instructions completely and still cannot get the Muck Vac started, then you most likely do not have adequate water pressure. You may either return the product to the place where it was purchased for a full money back refund. Or, there is a 1/2 hp booster pump available that you may purchase seperately through Northern Tool. The Wayne 1/2 hp portable pump boosts water pressure by as much as 40 lbs. Item #10945.
Or, click on the link below.